The DiamEAP Project

This is the official we site of the DiamEAP project, an open source and free implementation of the Diameter EAP Server. This website includes necessary documentation and guide to install and configure DiamEAP and its plug-ins.

DiamEAP is designed to be extensible with plug-ins to support any new EAP method that can be implemented separately as a shared library called "EAP method plug-in". Other plug-ins can be developped and integreated to the project. For more information on how to implement and add a new EAP Method plug-in visit here

The source code of DiamEAP is available here. In addition it is integreated in freeDiameter.

Last Releases

The source code of previous versions can be dowloaded from here.

DiamEAP plug-ins

Three EAP method plug-ins:

  • EAP MD5: EAP Message Digest 5. [RFC2284]

EAP MD5 is a password-based authentication. It provides a way to authentication a connection using the MD5-Challenge. The plugin is very simple and can be configured eaisly for authenticating users using login/password.

  • EAP TLS: EAP Transport Layer Security authentication method [RFC5216]

The Transport Layer Security is a certificate-based mutual authentication. Ths EAP TLS is using the TLS protocol [RFC5246] and provides a way to authenticate using certificates for mutual authentication and key derivation.

  • EAP TTLS: EAP-Tunneled Transport Layer Security. [RFC5281]

EAP-TTLS is an EAP protocol that extends EAP-TLS. It includes two phases: 1) handshake and 2) tunnel. During phase 1, the TTLS server is authenticated to the client using TLS handshake, and optionally the client is authenticated to the server. Then in phase 2, the server uses the established secure tunnel to authenticate the client. While the TLS secure tunnel provides protection from various attacks, such as man-in-the-middle and eavesdropping, password-based authentication methods may be used for authenticting the user in phase 2 such as PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP, and MS-CHAPv2.

Additional EAP Methods plug-ins can be implemented by following the sample plug-in provided with DiamEAP. Also a documentation page will be published soon on how to implement new EAP method plug-in for DiamEAP. read more

Support and Reporting bugs

Get started

DiamEAP is provided with a Readme file and a sample-configuration-file describing the Requirements and steps to install and configure it. In addition, the documentation pages will includes more details about DiamEAP and its plug-ins.

For developpers

For developpers, those who wants to implement and add their plugin, a description of the DiamEAP library and a detailed step by step on how to implement and integrate a new EAP Method plugin will be available soon in documentation section of this website.

More help

You can take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or visit the freeDiameter website for more help on freeDiameter.

Reporting bugs

For reporting a bug, please send email to 'souheil [at]' and report it at the bug reports section of the freeDiameter website.