DiamEAP Server is used as an extension to freeDiameter. DiamEAP cannot be started without a configuration file. Although, it provides defaults values for most of its configuration parameters. It is advised to modify most of the configuration parameters to fit your needs.

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Installing DiamEAP

Typically, DiamEAP is provided with freeDiameter project, although it can be downloaded separately and installed in a different version of freeDiameter.

Installation of DiamEAP server is like any other extension of freeDiameter. It depends on which version of freeDiameter the extension will be installed on.

For more information on how to install an extension in freeDiameter, visit

Configuring DiamEAP Server

DiamEAP requires a configuration file to be started. A sample configuration file 'app_diameap.conf.sample' is provided with DiamEAP extension that can be edited to fit configuration needs. This sample configuration file contains all the parameters that can be configured for the DiamEAP Server. The configuration page contains detailed instructions on configuring DiamEAP server.

If DiamEAP plugins are added to be loaded with the DiamEAP server, they should be configured correctly if required otherwise the DiamEAP server will not start. For more information on DiamEAP plugins, visit plugins page.

Starting DiamEAP server

Once its installed and configured, DiamEAP can be started stated successfully. Like any freeDiameter extension, DiamEAP server is loaded and started at the startup of freeDiameter.

When started, DiamEAP shows all parameters  value of its configuration (including the defaul values of the optional parameters not added in the configuration file). If freeDiameter started successfully without DiamEAP, verify that the following steps was done:

  1. Adding DiamEAP extension in freeDiameter configuration file
    • Find LoadExtensions entry for app_diameap extension.
    • If no entry exist for app_diameap, add it following the documentation of freeDiameter (documentation are included in the freeDiameter's sample configuration file)
    • If an entry exist for app_diameap, verify that all path are correct (it is advised to use absolute path to be sure that paths are correct)
  2. Configuring DiamEAP server
    • Verify that MySQL connection parameters are correct.
    • Verify that you added EAP Identity plugin correctly.
    • Check all plugins paths.
  3. Configuring DiamEAP plugins
    • If you added any EAP method Plugin, check its configuration.
    • For more information, visit plugins page.
  4. Enable DiamEAP Application
    • When compiled freeDiameter, enable the Diameter EAP Application extension (DiamEAP)
    • Also dict_nasreq and dict_eap extension are required.
    • Visit freeDiameter documentation on how to enable an extension.

If DiamEAP server still could not been started:

  • Start freeDiameter with debug.
  • Read any error or warning messages, usually they contains more description.